Loy Chiva Wellness Center @ The Silver Palm

Conveniently located within one of Bangkok’s best four-star urban resorts, Loy Chiva Wellness Center is ready to provide you with the finest in modern healthcare.


Loy Chiva Wellness Center

Health and beauty from the inside out

Loy Chiva Wellness Center is a one-stop, full-service wellness center located in Bangkok that is committed to meeting all patients' beauty and health needs. We are affiliated with CH9 Hospital and enjoy the full resources and expertise of the Chularat Hospital Group, one of the oldest and most prestigious private healthcare providers in Thailand. As such, our doctors and medical teams possess almost 100 collective years of experience in surgery, cosmetic surgery, dermatology, anti-aging medicine, pharmaceutics, physical therapy, obstetrics and gynecology, and the holistic treatment of diseases.

Additionally, CH9 is the leader in Thailand’s medical tourism industry, caring for worldwide patients with world-class IV therapy treatments. This is why CH9 Hospital has partnered with The Silver Palm Wellness Resort in the creation of Loy Chiva Wellness Center: to offer one-stop hospital-grade medical services while staying in an urban resort and residence conveniently located near the heart of Bangkok city.

Why this is the perfect place for medical tourists?

Combining the finest in resort living with all the convenience of an urban location, The Silver Palm Wellness resort is one of Bangkok’s newer – but best – four-star residences. If you’re here for one of our IV drip cocktails or a full cell therapy package, administered at Loy Chiva our Wellness Center, there’s no better place to stay.

  • Strategic Location: Located in Hua Mak near the heart of the city, The Silver Palm is close to the Bangkok Airport Rail Link for ease of access as soon as you arrive in Thailand. Furthermore, it’s perfect for medical tourists due its proximity to some of Bangkok’s top hospitals and medical centers: Ramkhamhaeng Hospital, Piyavate Hospital, Vipharam Hospital and Bangkok Hospital.
  • Tempting & Comfortable Restaurant: Café Edge allows you to dine in comfort by the poolside. Enjoy its all-day selection of Asian and international cuisine along with the world-famous Thai delicacies that the country is known for.
  • Active Fitness: Work those calories away at the gym with its state-of-the-art equipment and its steam room for getting into shape
  • Stylish & Spacious Rooms: And when you’re ready to retire for the day, our rooms offer every comfort you can expect. Free WiFi, large screen LED TVs with cable channels, fully appointed kitchens, private balconies, work areas, and walk-in closets.
  • Exotic Landscaping: As you lounge by the pool surrounded by verdant, gently rustling palm trees, you’ll hardly believe you’re in a city.

Our Services

A variety of treatments at affordable prices

We currently specialize in a variety of IV drip treatments. What are those, you ask? IV therapy – short for intravenous therapy – is a safe, comfortable, and effective method of delivering valuable nutrients directly into your bloodstream. In particular, nutrients that you may not be getting enough of in your diet, causing less than optimal health and physical performance. Or vitamin drip treatments that deliver a specific effect for a needed temporary boost. Or anti-aging treatments that will make you look and feel years younger.

We offer these treatments at highly competitive prices for the Thai market – prices that, if you’re coming from overseas, may well surprise you at how affordable they are. Rest assured that the quality and safety of our IV drip and vitamin drip products and services are absolutely uncompromised; modern healthcare in Thailand is unquestionably world-class. And that’s the standard you will enjoy at Loy Chiva Wellness Center in partnership with CH9 Hospital.

Not to mention, you will also be treated by our staff of highly experienced medical doctors, each with many years of study and experience, and each trained to put you at ease with their professionalism and warmth. Click here for a full list of our treatments and prices.

Our Philosophy

To make you healthier, comfortable, and more youthful

We believe that everyone deserves the ability to be the best versions of themselves. To look their best, and to have the best of bodily health, at every stage of their lives. To be able to face every challenge in their lives with these advantages. We are committed to providing you with just that ability – we here at Loy Chiva Wellness Center.

In addition, we are also dedicated to serving medical tourists who come from abroad to enjoy our IV therapy services. Even travelers who came purely for leisure have enjoyed the benefit of a quick immunity boost or beauty treatment, without even leaving their hotel. We are not only expert medical professionals, but also experienced hospitality providers who will ensure your needs and comforts are satisfied throughout your stay in Thailand.

Contact Us

We’d be happy to hear from you

Our staff are ready to take your inquiries, book your appointment, or make arrangements for your arrival in Thailand. Get in touch with us via any of the channels below. We’d be happy to hear from you.

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